similar to the ruleset we use now , just a lot more balanced between
weapons and not as much frame rate lag. Will announce a date after ECL.
I'm hoping to get 4-8 teams , there will also be a loser's bracket.


FPS-Pro™ -

1 Match Rules

1.1 Official game mode of FPS-Pro™ - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
Search and Destroy only. The Official Score Limit is 12 (Rule 2). The
Official Match Size is 5 vs 5 (Rule 2). Each match is played over three
maps. First team which gets 2 map wins, is the winner of the match. The
host will be decided in a knife round on the first map in Search and
Destroy. The winner of the knife round will decide the host of the first
and last map. The team that is not host gets to pick the side they

1.2 Custom Class Load Out

Team Size 5 Only
1 Sniper Only
2 Assualt Rifles Only
2 Sub Machine Gun's (SMG's) Only
The following Perks & Equipment MUST be implemented.
Strictly NO attatchments.

Perk 1 Slot: Bomb Squad
Perk 2 Slot: Juggernaut*
Perk 3 Slot: Dead Silence/Dead Impact
*Half Health is ON. Juggernaut just adds one bullet more to kill,
this makes it health on normal with stopping power however a little kick

The Stun Grenade in the Special Grenade section is totally forbidden.
You may use 3 Flash Grenade's and 1 smoke grenade. Only 1 Smoke is aloud
PER team.

1.3 Class Limitations

The Mountable Machine Gun's are totally forbidden (MMG)
All LMG's are Forbidden (M249 SAW, RPD, M60E4)
The P90 is Banned from the SMG section
All Semi-Automatic Snipers are banned (M21, Dragunov, Barrett.50cal)

1.4 There must ALWAYS be 2 Sub Machine Gun's, 2 Assault's and 1 Sniper.

1.5 The Grenade Launcher is totally forbidden.

2 Server Settings

Search and Destroy
Round Length: 2.5 Minutes
Bomb Time: 45 Seconds
Plant Time: 5 Seconds
Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
Multi Bomb Disabled
Score Limit: 8
Round Switch: Every Round
Team Options
Spectating: Team Only
Wave Spawn Delay: None
Force Respawn: Enabled
Radar Always On: No
Friendly Fire: Enabled
Player Options
Number of Lives: 1 Life
Respawn Delay: None
Max Health: Half
Health Regeneration: Normal
Allow KillCam: Enabled
Allow Sprint: Enabled
Gameplay Options
Headshots Only: Disabled
Allow Perks: Enabled (Bandolier, Juggernaut & Deep Impact/Dead Silence)
Allow Air Support: Disabled
Old School Mode: Disabled
Hardcore Mode: Disabled

If any of these rule above are found to be broken will result in a loss for the offenders team.

2.1 Map List

Chinatown (If Available)
Broadcast (If Available)

Advantages of FPS-Pro™ Rule Set:
- Snipers are 99% effective at killing targets in the open
- The potential to kill a target through a wall with a sniper in one bullet (Upper body shot)
- The Assault and SMG's are balanced and slightly more powerful (1/2 (Half) a bullet less to kill approx.)
- Shorter round times. Bomb plant time faster. This encourages rushing and quick plants/quick defuses.
- Knife round. Gives an equal chance of getting host.
- 1 Smoke aloud per team reduces frame rate issues and creates a more tactical element for the smoke holder.
- New maps never thought of in the competitive scene

Skitlite COD4 One Day Cup @ EUeSports CoD4ODC

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